domestic insurance

There are a wide range of covers for your insurance requirements protecting yourself and your assets.

Home & Contents/Holiday Homes

Commercial & Rural represents various Insurers who can offer a full comparison on domestic insurance requirements and we will find the best product applicable to your individual needs.

Deciding how much to insure your personal effects and chattels for can be difficult. You do not want to underinsure, please check that you have the correct Sum Insured by using our contents checklist.

Going on Holiday - Do you you know that if your home is unoccupied for more than 60 days, you may be uninsured? Check with us.


If you are having alterations done to your house you must contact your insurer as you may need to take out a Contract Works policy to cover the work you are having done. Any damages that may be incurred whilst the alterations are being carried out, i.e. fire are covered under this policy, whereas they would not be under your existing house policy. Likewise if you are building a new property it is important to check that construction insurance is in place.

Rental Property

We can also provide cover for rental properties, which includes cover for loss of rents in the event of a claim and cover for fixtures and fittings.

Boats/Pleasure Craft

We can provide cover for trailered boats, moored craft, yachts, jetskis etc and deal through a number of Insurers who provide us with competitive terms and conditions.

Private Vehicle Insurance

Private Motor Insurance protects your vehicle if it is used domestically and/or socially.

Cover can be comprehensive/fire, theft & third party or third party only (covering damage to other people’s vehicles/property). We can also provide cover for caravans and specialist vehicles such as vintage/hot rods and the like.

Personal Disability or Accident & Illness

There are various options available such as:

  • Benefits for certain permanent disabilities or as the result of an accident.
  • Cover if unable to work due to an accident
  • Cover if unable to work due to illness

We can also provide you with cover for such things as Income Protection and Life Insurance as well.


We offer Travel Insurance options for you and your family. Travel insurance offers protection whilst travelling overseas against lost baggage, medical expenses that may be incurred, cancellation of your travel if due to unforseen circumstances you are unable to travel, personal liability, rental vehicle excess etc.

Imagine travelling overseas for a family holiday and one of you ending up in hospital with an illness or injury. Without travel insurance you would have to pay costs which could be quite substantial.

Legal Defence

This is a relatively new product that has become available and provides protection from unexpected legal action and covers you at work, at home and on the road.

This cover provides cover for legal defence insurance which pays costs of securing the right lawyer to defend unexpected and unjustifiable events such as legal claims/allegations/criminal and serious traffic charges etc.

Even if you win an action or case, you may not be eligible for Legal Aid, or if you are, you may have to pay it back. An example where this type of cover would be of benefit would be if you were being burgled and you got up to check it out and perhaps ended up inadvertently shooting or injuring the perpetrator by accident. You could as a result be facing criminal charges of attempted murder.

The court costs involved in this would be substantial – perhaps $60,000. This is when a claim could result under this policy and these costs covered by this insurance.

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