About Us

Insuring Central for 30 Plus Years

Commercial & Rural Insurance Brokers Limited was formed in 1996 by Russell and Irene Smith, to provide an Insurance Brokerage service for the residents and businesses of Central Otago and Southland. This brokerage has enhanced the insurance offering provided through agencies since the 1970’s.

As members of the Independent Insurance Brokers Association (IBANZ), we have met the standards required by this associate and abide by this body’s strict Code of Practice and government regulations. We are also committed to providing a comprehensive, professional service where loyalty to our clients is of utmost importance.

Our office is based in Alexandra, where all our administration is carried out. As we work in a large geographic area, our Brokers travel to many of our clients to help solve their insurance needs.

Although it does seem to have a lot of fine print, insurance is a complex and highly regulated industry. It’s also an industry that is constantly changing, with various new products and providers regularly coming onto the market.

Keeping up with the latest developments in our industry, along with being a member of the NZBroker Group, puts us in an even stronger position to identify the right insurance solutions for our customers.

We have believed that it Is time to bring in a strong corporate shareholder to underpin the future of Commercial and Rural, to create the strongest future business for all of us, clients, staff, and owners, who will be part of the company in the years ahead. In looking for this we sought an equity partner who holds the same principles in business and life as we do, such that their involvement would allow us to continue Commercial and Rural as “business as usual” whilst enhancing the future for us all.

To achieve this we sought a partner of  of great strength in the market st, a strong well-represented broking firm, but not one of the international majors. So it is with great pleasure that Russell and Irene welcomed BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited to our fold.

It starts with understanding the businesses of our customers. Properly insuring a business can’t be done with an off-the-shelf insurance policy. Each business and each business owner have unique issues and needs.

An important part of our role is helping people identify and understand their exposure to risk. Only then do we discuss insurance options. Ultimately, the right insurance solution is one that reflects the individual customer’s needs and tolerance for risk. It's all about advice not price.

Nor does our contact with customers end with the issuing of an insurance package. In fact it doesn’t end. We take pride in our ongoing customer support. Whether it’s processing a claim or responding to a change in business direction, we make sure the insurance process works efficiently for our customers.

Our experience is another key factor that works in favour of our customers. The team at Commercial & Rural have worked together for many years. As a locally owned and operated company, we live and work in the same communities as our customers, and we’re on a first-name basis with them.